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Are you ready for a podcast on healthy living that isn’t about having six-pack abs? A podcast for the rest of us. The ones who didn’t get picked first for team sports - who maybe even got picked last. The ones who stumbled their way into enjoying exercise and eating better. That’s right: someone like you. Someone who wants factual information about healthy living. Who likes their podcasts quick, fun, and engaging.Join host Lisa Davis, MPH, and her occasional co-host Andrea Donsky for HEALTH POWER: a show for everyone, for people of all shapes and sizes who just want the best information about living their best life. Each week, Lisa brings her 25 years of health media experience to HEALTH POWER, exploring the cutting edge of health and lifestyle which covers functional medicine, mental health, joyful movement, holistic health, cooking, and more with both experts and stories from everyday people about their experiences about what healthy living means to them. A podcast for everyone. Take what works for you and leave the rest. No pressure. No judgment. HEALTH POWER.Lisa Davis, MPH, is a health educator, broadcast personality, and the author of "Clean Eating, Dirty Sex: Sensual Superfoods and Aphrodisiac Practices for Ultimate Sexual Health and Connection." (Skyhorse Publishing, 2019), a memoir, lifestyle guide, and cookbook.
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